Adam Croom visits Muhlenberg to talk #DoOO

September 26th at 5:00pm

Hi everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that Domains in Progress is happening tonight at 5 p.m. in the Great Room, Seeger's Union. Please come by to hear Adam Croom's keynote, and for updates on student and faculty Domain of One's Own work here at Muhlenberg.

Here is a very short interview with Adam, where he talks a bit about what we can expect tonight.

How I Fell for a Fake Facebook Page

I feel a tremendous amount of personal pride when considering myself a librarian. I feel a similar sense of self-worth knowing that I work with students and faculty around matters of digital learning -- another area that stresses an understanding of digital literacy. My training and my professional experience contribute to these senses of myself. I know this isn't unique to librarians, instructional technologists, or educators. Whenever we find value and enrichment in our paid work it's a cause for celebration. But particular to this work, and in these times, the skills I possess and the training I have been fortunate to receive offer value to others, and permit me a chance to be of service to them.

Part of this requires that I know what I'm doing. This weekend, I didn't. I fell f...

Academic Libraries Should Ditch Library Fines

Photo credit: Martin Davidsson

I've been pleased watching librarians and others push back this week against Greta Van Susteren's half-hearted slow boil over rising tuition costs. Response for the greatest part was firm and well-meaning. As many have already stated, beating back rising tuition has little to do with any library's physical construction. Benefactors are more likely to fund construction of academic libraries than contribute toward year-over-year electronic database and journal subscriptions -- the very stuff Ms. Van Susteren says we have on our smartphones. As others are right to point out, many students lack those smart phones. This wasn't a match of equals. Librarians win.

But this week I also finished reading Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and...

What would a Domain of One's Own Implementation Cohort Look Like?

About a month and a half ago, I posed a question on the Reclaim Hosting community site.

This post is my effort to extend this question, and share my thinking about what may, and what may not be helpful to schools as they implement Domain of One's Own initiatives. I'm especially interested in teasing out if there is enough commonality among institutions, or enough similarity around this work, or enough fun to be had, to warrant effort to form an implementation cohort.


Muhlenberg College, where I work as an Instructional Technologist, is a small liberal arts, undergraduate college in Allentown, PA. We are early in our Domain of One's Own implementation, but things are beginning to happen quickly. Last academic year, we piloted Domains with about 10 faculty, each with a...